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Behind metre-thick quarry stone masonry, you can feel well protected and safe.
Mighty oak beams pile up high and give the quarry stone masonry the necessary support.
The massive half-timbered building dates back to 1525 and originally served to store the compulsory taxes that the peasants had to pay to the lordship residing in the castle.
This tax was called the tithe part and gave the barn its name. Twenty years ago, there were still cows here. Today, lovingly restored, the tithe barn is something like a railway station for a journey back in time.

You will be spoilt with regional dishes and homemade specialities.
The cafe nestles against Herrstein's old city walls and has much to offer travellers, hikers, families and clubs for rest and relaxation.
Like the Zehntscheune, more than 50 half-timbered houses in the old town centre suffered the same fate in the 1970s. The boring grey plaster and the Eternit panels, under which the rural past was coyly hidden, were knocked off. Highlights of the late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods were revealed.

Today, Herrstein is a model of monument preservation.

It proudly bears the diploma of Europa nostra, an international association for the protection of cultural heritage, together with Heidelberg, Lübeck and Rothenburg.

Our cafe is
daily open,
except monday,
from 12 noon.

Tuesday to Thursday
we close at
5 p.m.
Friday to Sunday
we close at
8 p.m.

The outdoor- and indoor-areas are open for you, governed by the current Corona-regulations.

Please observe the prescribed hygiene and distance rules !
Every guest is obliged to give his contact details!
Please make sure to wear a mouth/nose guard correctly.
You may put this down while sitting at your assigned table.

We look forward to welcoming you to our house.