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From Grandma`s recipes
Cake specialities in many varieties, for example homemade fruit cobbless from traditonal receipe. It is served warm with ice cream and prepared with seasonal fruites. A very special treat.
We bake our homemade cakes with nuts, cinnamon, chocolate and fruits.
We make tortes which are filled with wonderful fruits. Not to forget our fruit-cheese cake, which we bake with a very good old recipe.

Local delicacy
We serve warm meals, our especialities the traditional regional dishes from the Hunsrück for example potato saussage, staffed side pork and liver dumplinger with „Sauerkraut“.
We serve grandma`s soup with vegetables and filled dumplinger. Our menu shows you explicit information about ingredients and other dishes for vegetariens or the small appetite.
Call for a reservation and we will be glad to make a offer.

original „Idar-Obersteiner Schwenkbraten“
for you. If you like we offer from an open fire grilled pork filet, pork steaks or beef steak or you can order it together as the

„Zehntscheune Dinner Plate“
with plenty of salad and garnishes

Call for a reservation and we are glad to make our menus or buffet!
We will serve your individual wishes.

We like to make for your events and family celebrations your individual Buffet or a 3-course menu.
For special arrangements we offer our „Hunsrück Bufet“
Our head will adwise you well!

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opening hours:

monday to saturday
from 12am to 9pm

and sunday
from 10am to 9pm

Continuous hot meals

On request, we also open for groups outside the opening hours.

Please plan early on your Christmas and family celebrations.

We will be happy to advise you.

bus groups
are welcome!!

Please call under
+49 6785 - 1658